Brine: A salt and water solution for pickling.

Brisket: A cut from the breast or lower chest of cattle.

Brisket Flat Cut: A cut that comes from the square end of the brisket. This cut is highly recognized within the food industry for its flavor and low fat content.

Brisket #1 Cut: A common corned beef cut that comes in a variety of trims.

Brisket #1 Natural Trim: A cut that is seasoned, soaked in brine and contains the natural flavor and moist juices of the fat.

Brisket Point Cut: The thicker end of the brisket with a higher fat content and more visible marbling.

Brisket #1 Side Trim Plus: A cut that is slightly leaner than our Natural Trim yet utilizes our secret family recipe and a quality soak in our industry leading brine.

Brisket #1 Special Trim Plus: Our special trim corned beef brisket sets the standard for cuts of meat. It is meticulously trimmed to have the leanest fat content in the industry while maintaining its rich flavor due to its absorption of brine and our secret family recipe.

Brisket Split Trim: A cut where we carve vertically down the center of our traditional brisket cut.  A very popular cut known for its high level of juiciness.

Navel: A cut from the beef plate best known to produce pastrami.

Pastrami: Brisket that has been rubbed with a blend of spices, cured and smoked.

Pickling: To preserve or steep in brine.

Corned Beef:

The truest way to produce corned beef is from the brisket which has been cured in brine.

Establishment Number:

A number that identifies a processing facility. This number is assigned by the United States Department of Agriculture.

Grades of Beef: Determined by the USDA (Select, Choice, Prime).

Grade – Choice: Higher quality meat yet has less intra-muscular fat.

Grade – Prime: Highest quality meat with the most intra-muscular fat.

Grade – Select: High quality meat with noticeable intra-muscular fat.